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We are ready to help you succeed through your pregnancy and beyond. Contact us to make a free and confidential appointment today.


For any pregnant woman, mother of an infant or toddler, or baby’s father, we are happy to offer a combination of education and material assistance. Our classes cover topics related to pregnancy, baby care and personal development. They are accompanied by visits to our Boutique for no-cost parenting and baby supplies. For those who participate regularly in classes, we also offer date packs, personal care bags, cribs and car seats, and much more.


Pregnancy can be exciting, but also a bit scary. Our classes will help you navigate through all of the physical, social, and emotional changes ahead.


From newborn to infant, to toddler, and beyond, there is so much you need to know to be a successful parent. Our hundreds of classes are always evolving to stay current.

All of our services are free and confidential, so please call us or stop in today!

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